John Perceval

John Perceval AO b.1923 - d.2000

Without question was one of the most remarkable and creative of all Australian artists and produced masterpieces in the fields of drawing and painting.

He experimented with different textures and techniques, often using short broken brushstrokes similar to the experimenting Impressionists and Post Impressionists. His daring use of brilliant colour combined with the strong rhythmic movement of his brushwork lead to a powerful, lively and highly personal imagery.

He is fondly remembered as the last of the “Angry Penguins”.

P001 John Perceval


Edition size: 250 + A/P's

Hand Printed Serigraph

Number of Colours: 23

Stock: Arches Expression 250gsm Acid Free Archival Rag Paper

Paper Size: 920mm x 650mm or 36 x 25.5 inches

Image Size: 539mm x 431mm or 21.25 x 17 inches

Retail Price: AUD$1,650.00 (inc.GST)

P002 Perceval

"Ships at Williamstown"

Edition size: 99 + A/P's

Hand Printed Silk Screen

Number of Colours: 40

Stock: Fontenay 300gsm Acid Free Archival Rag Paper

Paper Size: 750mm x 850mm or 29.5 x 33.5 inches

Image Size: 511mm x 674mm or 20 x 26.5 inches

Retail Price: AUD$3,850.00 (inc.GST)